Jack Doohan pushed back Frederik Vesti and Clement Novalak to win the final race of the FIA ​​Formula 3 season at the Sochi Autodrom.

The Australian’s victory was aided by a few on-track battles with Novalak, but managed to keep the Frenchman behind to help Trident win the tag team championship.

Doohan started the race from pole position and maintained his lead over Novalak and Johnathan Hoggard in the top three after the opening laps.

In the third round, Hauger fought with Logan Sargeant for sixth place after his attempt at fifth place Juan Manuel Correa did not go as planned. Sargeant edged Correa and Hauger on the circuit to move up to fifth place.

Hauger tried again on Correa in Turn 2, but running far Jak Crawford capitalized and this year’s champion fell to eighth place.

On lap 5, Vesti passed Hoggard for third position and started chasing Doohan and Novalak ahead.

Further behind, Crawford managed to overtake Correa for sixth place on the following lap.

Lap 7, which was the most dramatic part of the race, saw Hauger get knocked down by Oliver Rasmussen at turn 7. Hauger continued but dropped points and stopped for new tires to take the lesser points. fastest Novalak using PREMA Chances for the Team Championship.

Rasmussen was found responsible for the collision and received a ten second penalty from the stewards.

The top ten after the first eight laps were Doohan, Novalak, Vesti, Hoggard, Sargeant, Crawford, Arthur Leclerc, Correa, Ayumu Iwasa and Alex Smolyar.

On lap 9, Novalak attacked his teammate to take the lead, but by sinking well into the clearance zone of Turn 2, he had to regain the place.

At the bottom of the points, Martins gained a few positions in one go, passing Correa and Iwasa in eighth position on lap 15.

The following tour saw Hoggard unable to keep Sargeant behind and the Briton fell to fifth place.

After another battle that saw Doohan iron him back, Novalak found himself in Vesti’s clutches. With DRS in the last laps in turn 12, the Danish rider moved up to second.

Doohan was not to be confused, however, and took the checkered flag for the fourth time in 2021 to confirm his second place in the championship at Hauger.

Vesti came second ahead of Novalak, Sargeant and Crawford, who passed Hoggard on the last lap to take fifth place.

Hoggard was sixth, followed by Leclerc, Martins, Iwasa and Olli Caldwell in the top ten.

Doohan’s victory and Novalak’s third place saw Trident win their first FIA Formula 3 Team Championship, beating PREMA by six points.

With Hauger also crowned drivers’ champion on Friday in the weekend’s first race, which concludes another year of Formula 3.

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