A parade and anti-protocol rally took place this evening (Wednesday) in Enniskillen.

A crowd of 300 trade unionists and grassroots loyalists gathered on the Derrychara road and marched through Enniskillen to the parking lot of Enniskillen Castle.

The crowd included musicians, marchers and supporters. The supporters came from a range of unionism.

In the parking lot, speakers addressed the crowd from a platform. Speakers were local TUV representative Donald Crawford, who chaired the rally, loyalist activist Jamie Bryon and TUV leader Jim Allister. All the speeches were about protocol. Speakers were applauded during parts of the speech and a member of the crowd shouted “down Stormont” during a speech.

The protesters then returned to Derrychara Road and the events ended at 9:30 p.m. The parade was organized by the Combined Loyalists Fermanagh. It was approved by the Parade Commission and PSNI agents ensured the route.