The fifth season of the popular Nigerian reality show, Big Brother Naija, tagged BBNaija Lock, was recently entered into the midst of intense excitement.

Broadcast from a location in Lagos, Nigeria, viewers across the country and other African countries gained access to a 71-day real-time unscripted shoot of 20 roommates in a personality war.

After a series of weekly expulsions and one disqualification, five candidates reached the final week. After a week-long voting period, Laycon, a Nigerian rapper, took home the cash prize of 30 million yen ($ 78,117) and over 55 million yen ($ 14,3214) in prize money.

The show, which aired on MultiChoice’s cable television (DStv and GOtv) and video-on-demand (Showmax) platforms, is said to have had its largest viewership to date.

On Showmax, for example, it broke the record of the platform’s most watched live entertainment show in the first month. Interestingly, a significant number of these viewers were from outside Nigeria.

For proper context, this season’s live show aired for approximately 262,800 hours, or roughly 30 years of viewing time.

Based on figures released by MultiChoice, the organizers of the show, a record was set this year for the number of votes cast. And according to John Ugbe, Managing Director of MultiChoice, the highest numbers ever (900 million votes) have been recorded this year.

Additionally, an unverified source claims viewers cast a total of 400 million votes in the past week, with 61% for eventual winner Laycon.

If these numbers are correct, it reflects an increase of over 700% from the 50 million votes cast last year, and 30 million votes in 2018. Unlike previous seasons, fans voted using the BBNaija website, SMS, and DStv and GOtv apps.

At the awards ceremony on Wednesday, September 30, the show’s sponsors – Betway and Guinness – admitted to having a profitable partnership.

Despite the current economic challenges, Chris Ubosi, local director at Betway, said the betting company is betting on the show’s history and popularity and has decided to invest.

In a recent article, we said that one of the lifestyle changes brought on by the pandemic-induced lockdown is the increase in screen time. So it’s safe to say that the success of the series cannot be attributed to its dependence alone, as the lockdown likely played its part.

An argument can be made that the season which has just ended is the most anticipated of all time because it was not sure to hold.

BBNaija Lock stood out in more than one way

As we approached the middle of 2020 and the coronavirus pandemic raged, fans were unsure of what to expect from Big Brother Naija given the ban on large gatherings.

However, hopes were renewed when MultiChoice announcement Betway as the official sponsor of BBNaija Season 5 during the first week of June.

Shortly thereafter, an announcement was made for entry submissions, and for the first time in the show’s history, all applicants auditioned online. Organizers quarantined the 20 selected roommates for two weeks before the show started on July 30.

Usually at least one roommate is kicked out every Sunday night and during eviction broadcasts some people are allowed to enter the room to watch the show live.

However, this year the live audience joined via online video conference and most of the feedback was drawn from social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter via popular hashtags.

For unspecified reasons, the awards ceremony was not made during the grand finale of the show but was scheduled two days later. During the presentation, only roommates, representatives of the sponsoring companies and a few other selected people were allowed to enter.

Despite little human interaction, MultiChoice maintains that this season has cost more to organize as a lot of restructuring was required and some of the staff worked remotely.

The fandom and stan culture that stood out

Laycon, Big Brother Naija Season 5, winner of BBNaija Lockdown

One thing that is certain after being a roommate is sudden fame and this season has been no different with fans taking names – Icon, Superion, Ninja and Elites – representing their favorite roommates to increase their popularity.

The support Laycon received on social media platforms in the first week was reflected in the weekly votes. From the weekly voting statistics, we noticed that he did not go below 24% of all votes throughout his stay.

Laycon, who arrived in the Big Brother house with a modest number of social media followers, now has more than 367,000 and 1.3 million Twitter and Instagram followers, respectively.

Like other roommates, someone handled Laycon’s social media accounts while he was in the house. Although being a roommate made him more popular, Laycon had already made a name for himself as a rapper before the show. айм без одтверждения артыайм на карту срочно без отказов и проверокайм онлайн без отказа на карту

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